Brands And Products We Offer

Our Comfort Specialists and Technicians are here to share their knowledge with you, address any concerns and answer any of your questions. Working on a Good, Better, Best system, we give you options.Β 

We want to educate homeowners about furnaces and air conditioners, water heaters, and whatever you might need so that you can make informed decisions about your home comfort. Some common brands we stock are Goodman, Dettson, and Trane.

Why Choose Trane?

We are the largest Trane suppliers in the London region. Our team is trained on Trane equipment and we include the company in our extended True Care Protection warranty on featured products.

Trane Uses The Best Parts Available

Trane provides top-of-the-line HVAC parts that only certified experts – like Donaldson Comfort Specialists – can install and service.

Trane Furnaces Are Reliable

Most companies only cover the heat exchanger in a furnace for 10 years; Trane’s furnace warranty provides a 99-year warranty on their heat exchanger!

Trane Is A Dedicated Manufacturer

Their equipment withstands extreme and scientific testing to ensure it’s ready to handle all the tests your home can throw at it.

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