Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have a question about Donaldson’s heating, cooling, and air purifying products or services? Look through our FAQs to see if we can answer you right here!

All maintenance and repair service calls are different; as well, all installation projects present unique challenges. The Donaldson team aims to have all installations completed in one day. We always recommend that homeowners are present during the work.

When booking, you can schedule us to arrive with our 2-Hour Arrival Block. A Donaldson Technician will arrive within this prearranged window and will keep you updated on the progress throughout the day. Before they greet you at the door, you will receive a text with a picture of the Technician to let you know who to expect!

Have your heating and air conditioning systems looked at before each heating and cooling season begins; if this can’t be done, try for at least once a year. Regular maintenance performed at the end of winter (for the A/C) or the end of summer (for the heating) is standard, and book ahead – we’re often swamped around these times!

Choosing the right HVAC equipment for your home or business requires the consideration of many factors, including ceiling height, window size and placement, the age of the building, your comfort level, and construction materials. These and many other variables all go into our recommendations for a properly-sized HVAC system, and we’ll help you look at every angle. A load calculation performed by one of our professionals is the foundation for the best choice!

Replacing a heating or air conditioning system is not something you do lightly. If your existing system is between 10 to 15 years old, in need of constant or large-scale repairs, or is losing its efficiency, purchasing a new, more effective unit can offer long-term benefits. New models are becoming more and more efficient every year!


The Donaldson team built our business on trust and honesty – we will always level with you and never try to sell you on an expensive solution when one isn’t needed!

A heat pump is a novel system of heating and cooling that works year-round to keep you comfortable. During the hotter seasons, the heat pump takes out warm air from inside the home and transfers it to the outdoor air, reversing the process in cold weather – the heat pump collects heat from the air outside the home and transfers it inside. It’s an extraordinarily efficient system, producing almost three times more heat than the energy it uses!

Everyone knows how frustrating it can be to run out of hot water. Tankless water heaters are designed to stop that – they heat water as you use it, with no holding tank that needs to fill. Most households can save approximately 50% more on energy costs related to water heating, and with no holding tank, the tankless system reduces the possibility of basement flooding. Tankless heaters last longer, are more durable and make repairs easier. They are also smaller than heating tanks, helping you save space!

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