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You came to the right place! Here you can learn about all your home comfort systems including frequently asked questions, how they work,Β what’s involved in repairing and replacing old systems and things we think every homeowner should know.

As a friend in your home, we suggest considering a few things first, starting with how much the repair would cost versus replacing the entire system. Some repairs may be quick and affordable while other repairs may be quite expensive but we promise to always be upfront with you about the overall cost and leave the decision up to you. If you decide to go ahead with one of our recommended repairs, it will be covered under our Lifetime Repair Guarantee.

The second thing would be how old the system is. The average life of a furnace is 14.7 years, meanwhile an air conditioner and water heater are closer to 10 years before you start missing out on energy efficiency and running into wear and tear issues.

Thinking new? Contact us any time for a free quote any time!

It’s more than just the size of the home. To calculate the right size furnace or air conditioner, a Comfort Advisor will need to perform a thorough Heat Loss/Heat Gain calculation that considers specific construction elements of your unique home such as size, windows, insulation, number of people in the home and more. Having the wrong size furnace or air conditioner can lead to larger problems such as humidity issues, higher utility bills and faster wear and tear on parts. Here are 3 Things You Should Know Before Getting A New Furnace.

Your comfort systems are always running so we recommend you book a maintenance once a year and treat your HVAC systems like you would treat a vehicle. Don’t skip an oil change = don’t skip a maintenance. A maintenance once a year ensures your system remains working safely and efficiently.Β 

With True Care Warranty, you get a free maintenance once a year for 15 years or check out our Maintenance Care Plans.

A maintenance ensures your system is working as safely and optimally as possible. We’ll keep your system make & model on file, review the general condition, note system settings, check sensors, change any applicable filters and check that there is proper drainage. Last but not least, we will check for any potential dangers including carbon monoxide readings. Check out our Maintenance Care Plans and the truth about maintenances.

Although many homeowners think going tankless is the way to go, we are finding that it is more about preference and is not always the better option depending on usage, plumbing set up, and the number or people in the home. We offer tank and tankless options both for rent and for purchase. Talk to us about your hot water system and whether or not tankless is a good option for you.

A heat pump is a novel system of heating and cooling that works year-round to keep you comfortable. Essentially, a heat pump moves warm air around. In the Summer, it would pump the hot air trapped inside out of the home. Contact us for more information on heat pumps or check this out!

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