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You depend on your air conditioner to keep your home or business comfortable and cool during our summer months. So when your air conditioner reaches the point where it becomes costly to operate or repair, you need a reliable HVAC contractor to come in and replace it. That`s where we come in. At Donaldson Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer air conditioning replacement services throughout London and surrounding area.

We understand that a working air conditioner is something you simply cannot function without. When it becomes time, we will do our best to replace yours quickly, without compromising on quality. Ensuring that your system is sized correctly, installed properly and set up to maximize the efficiency of the equipment. You can trust Donaldson Heating and Air Conditioning for a replacement model that will restore comfort to your home or business.

All air conditioners at Donaldson Heating & Air Conditioning come with a company-backed 10 year parts and labour warranty. Generally, manufacturers provide a limited warranty on their equipment and this warranty is usually restricted to a specific length of time or specific items and only covers manufacturer defects. Some warranties also have high deductibles that become costly. Our warranty ensures that anything that is not related directly to a maintenance issue will be fully covered. There is no extra processing fees or diagnostics fees. We also are sure to include the first year of maintenance on all our products to ensure efficiency.

Another option we offer is our Donaldson Heating & Air Conditioning True Care Program. It is the ultimate care solution that covers the purchase of a system under the True Care umbrella. Within this program, we offer the installation of a high quality Trane furnace and air conditioner, as well as a lifetime annual filter, lifetime annual maintenance, and up to 15 years in full system warranty coverage, all at one low monthly price. This is truly the best coverage for your system that the market has to offer. Relax and let us take care of you and your family’s comfort.

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