Air Conditioner Installation

An air conditioner becomes a vital part of your life during the peak of summer, especially in London, Ontario and the surrounding area, where it can get very hot. Stay cool and save on energy costs with a new energy-efficient air conditioner in London.

Whether you are installing a new air conditioner or replacing an old, worn out unit that costs more than it cools, you can count on Donaldson Heating & Air Conditioning to choose the right unit for your home. Choosing an expensive appliance like an air conditioner can be a daunting task when you don’t know the field well. A Donaldson Heating & Air Conditioning pro can guide you through the decision-making process, and our high-quality Trane air conditioners will get the job done right. We will explain all the different possibilities for you and recommend an air conditioner that will meet the needs of you and your home.

Our professional installers are factory trained and they will go the extra mile to ensure your new unit will perform exactly as specified every time. We want your new air conditioner to last you many summers, so we make sure it meets your needs and is installed the way it should be. Our air conditioner supplier, Trane, is carefully selected to match our tough Ontario climate so you can rest easy knowing your new air conditioning system will perform perfectly for years to come!

Want to know how much you could save on energy costs with a newly installed air conditioner? Visit the Energy Savings Calculator by Lennox.

Your new air conditioner may qualify for a $600.00 SaveOnEnergy rebate. You might also qualify for up to $5,500 in rebates on a heat pump from the GreenON Fund! Contact us for details!

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