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We can help with everything plumbing from clogged drains, replacing faucets, leaky sinks and installing new toilets, to replumbing water heater lines and installing sump pumps. Check out our plumbing services!

If this is urgent, shut off the water and give us a callΒ 519-439-4328.

Drain Cleaning

The first signs of buildup or blockage is aΒ slow drain – pooling of water in your tub or smell coming from your kitchen sink.Β We can help with any clogged drain situation.

Water Purifiers

We install a variety of water purifiers and softeners. Adding a purifier can be a great investment. Talk to us about how to improve your water at home today.

Water Leaks

It’s important to stay calm and contain the leak until a plumber arrives. Try to locate the main shut off, stop using the water and call us for a plumber.

Sump Pump

Whether you are looking for a brand new sump pit or looking to replace your sump pump, we can help! Sump pumps with battery backupsΒ 

Taps, Fixtures and Faucet

We offer a variety of taps, fixtures and faucets to suite any style. Ensure manufacturer warranty when you purchase a new faucet from us.

Toilet Repairs & Replacements

Running toilet? Blockage? Cracked or leaking? We repair, sell and install toilets in various shapes and sizes. Contact us for a plumber.

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