What is "True Care"?

Industry Leading
12 & 15 Year
Parts & Labour Warranty
Always Included For Free

At Donaldson Heating & Air Conditioning, “True Care” is the foundation of everything we do. It is ensuring
our neighbors like you across London, St. Thomas & Area get respectful, ongoing, quality service they deserve.

“True Care”
originated from how we truly care about you, your equipment and your safety.

From the moment you call, to the technician at your door, to the products being installed, and the long term
protection our warranties provide, our True Care Protection Warranty is one of the many ways we stand behind what we do.

When you purchase a new industry leading furnace or air conditioner system, True Care is there for you!

True Care is an all around worry-free warranty that covers 12 & 15 years of parts and labour (depending on the furnace),
plus a free maintenance every year, plus the option to upgrade to a wifi thermostat,
plus priority booking and more.

Why Choose True Care?

True Care Protection was designed to put long-term peace of mind within reach
so you never have to worry about your heating and cooling system again!



What Inspired True Care &
Things You Should Know

1. Typical manufacturer 10 year warranties only cover specific components within your system and do not cover the cost of labour

Most 10 year warranties only cover a problem if a part needs to be replaced and you performed annual maintenances to
maintain original working order of the system to maintain the warranty. These warranties don’t cover main components that are commonly known to fail
prematurely. With our True care warranty, not only do we automatically perform a free maintenance for you every year to maintain the system, but this
maintains your manufacturer warranty and your warranty with us to cover the labour costs.

2. Maintenance checks are very important for energy efficiency and help extend the life of your equipment

An annual maintenance check on your heating and cooling system can both catch and prevent many repairs before they
even happen, just like an oil change on a car. They also give the Technician a chance to ensure your system is not only working efficiently,
but safely.
With True Care Protection, an annual maintenance is included on us!

3. Air filters are the leading cause of premature system failure

The filter performs two crucial duties: it cleans the air within your home allowing you to breath better and it prevents build
up of pollutants in your system. 
Dirty air filters can drive up the operating costs of both your heating and cooling system and
are the leading cause for premature system failure. A new filter is included with every maintenance and how often
you should it will depend on how many people live in the home, pets, etc. Experts suggest every 3 months
but if you’re not sure, contact us today.


What Is Included With True Care?

12 & 15 Year Full-System Coverage!

This covers more than just the components inside of the units, but any components that we install.

Free Upgrade To A 5” Filter Rack
For improved air filtration, less filter changes and more protection for your new system. 5″ filters are
more effective than a 1″ filter and they last longer. Each filter lasts 6-18 months versus a 1″ filter that
should be changed every 3 months so it’s one less thing for your to worry about.

Free Upgrade To A New WIFI Thermostat
Wifi-enabled thermostats allow you to monitor your home while away and adjust the temperature as needed.
That’s why we include a 
wifi-enabled thermostat with the installation of any True Care furnace. 

15 Years Of Maintenances Included
Every year we’ll be calling to book your free annual maintenance included with True Care to keep your
warranties valid, ensure efficiency and prolong the life of your heating and cooling system.

15 5″ Filter Replacements Included
We’ll even change it for you when we come to do the maintenance!

15 Years Of Priority Booking
Skip the line for any home HVAC service or maintenance with True Care Protection all year round.

Contact us today for more information on how you can
get the True Care you deserve.