Debunking 3 Common HVAC Service Industry - Related Myths

Within the past few years alone, Ontario’s HVAC industry has grown far beyond expectations because of the high demands that homes and businesses inherently have for cool or warm air. 

Gone are the days where freezing weather was tolerated at most or hot weather was a working hazard outdoors. Thanks to the presence of modern systems and their widespread effects on the comfort in any residential or commercial space, it’s clear that comforts are now a necessity than pure luxury.

As more and more people begin to acknowledge that cold air on a hot day or warmth on a cold one is their right, the demand for proper HVAC systems is more significant than ever. This then only means one thing: HVAC services are now essential as well.

Whether you own a commercial space, manage a retail shop, or want to keep your home in tip-top shape, the chances are that you’ve grown accustomed to getting your air conditioning or heating system serviced. 

Debunking common HVAC service myths

While it’s easy to see why the demand for HVAC services has exploded in recent years, the truth is that the industry is no stranger to its fair share of pitfalls and problems. One such example of common issues in the world of air conditioner and heating services is the significant myths that have been passed around.

Fortunately, preventing yourself from stumbling into a common confusion and mistakenly believing in it can be avoided by taking note of these three HVAC services’ common myths:

Myth #1: Bigger is better

When it comes to choosing apt sizes for any home or office’s HVAC system, service providers believe that it’s a relative matter because of the different factors taken into account.

Having the largest system of all, contrary to popular belief, won’t always be beneficial for most spaces because of all the details and service issues that come with size mismatches, problems that lead to even more significant practicality issues. However, apart from practicality-related hurdles, having an excessively-large HVAC system will also make for an impractical experience because it will make it harder for the entire assembly to run smoothly!

This myth is why experts urge property owners to first consult with a professional HVAC technician or service provider on what they need to invest in so that they’ll get a system that’s best suited for their needs!

Myth #2: You only need to change your filters once a year

More often than not, Donaldson Heating runs into hundreds of different inquiries from customers who complain about breaks and build-ups, but they don’t think they’ve done anything wrong. After a quick inspection and chat, however, our experts often find out that the same customers believe that they only need to change their filters once a year, which leads to the problems they’re currently experiencing!

Generally, experts and manufacturers recommend having filters swapped out every 30 days because of how much dirt, dust, and other little particulate matter they suck up. Failing to make the necessary replacements on time will easily force your HVAC system to work harder. Doing this ends up using more energy, racking up your bills, and reducing its lifespan in the process!

Myth #3: HVAC systems only need to be maintained if they’re broken

Think about it: you will not wait to maintain your car until it suddenly breaks down on the freeway, so why will you do the same to your HVAC system?

Maintenance, contrary to popular belief, is just as necessary for having a proper-working system all-year-round because of how well it ensures that a system remains in perfect shape. For this reason, regular service sessions need to be conducted even when your home or office’s set-up is in ideal form because it makes it easier to spot potential problems down the line! 


Out of all the different aspects that you’ll need to watch out for when hiring an HVAC service to fulfill your home’s needs, none are possibly as crucial as the common myths that you may find yourself believing in. Fortunately, keeping this guide in mind and following it closely to ensure that you aren’t making any terrible mistakes will help keep your money, system, and home in perfect order!

We’re an expert air conditioning contractor in London, ON. Schedule an appointment with us today to see how we can help keep your HVAC system in top-quality shape so that you don’t have to think twice about it!