Home Maintenance Tasks You Often Forget According to Inspectors

The lifespan of a home depends on how well its owner takes care of it. When you purchase a home, you also said yes to all the maintenance jobs that you need to keep it in good condition for a long time. You would not only want to live in a beautiful-looking house, but you also need a home that functions well.

If you think you are doing an excellent job of maintaining your home, and you checked all these items in our list, then you are indeed doing a great job! According to home inspectors, here are the tasks that homeowners often forget when it comes to home maintenance.

  • Emptying your water heater

Apart from forgetting this task, most homeowners do not know how to drain their water heater. Occasional draining should be in your maintenance list because minerals tend to build up at your tank’s bottom. When this happens, it can cause your water heater to fail later on, leading to water damage. Replacing a hot water tank does not come cheap. Keeping it smoothly running can help you save on expenses, so make sure to add it to your to-do list.

  • Flushing out clogs

You may have your plumbing system checked sometimes, but some works need to be done regularly to avoid massive issues later. It can be as simple as removing the hair build-up in your shower or removing any gunk that accumulates near your toilet valve. They may not sound pleasant, but these are the duties you need to do as a homeowner to avoid potential leaks and water damage. 

Regularly check underneath your sink and inside your cabinets and see if water spots and puddles are starting to appear. If there is anything that needs your urgent attention, that is a hidden leak. 

  • Cleaning the gutters

Do not wait until there is a massive accumulation of dirt on your gutters. Make it a habit to check your gutters for any debris and remove them every so often. After removing the dirt and grime, make sure also to clean the gutters thoroughly. Replace any missing caulk and repair holes, cracks, or any loose areas. 

Make sure to add this to your cleaning duty every spring and fall. If you do not like the idea of heights, hire a professional to do this at least twice a year. However, if you live near a tree of pine needles, you may need more frequent gutter de-clogging. 

  • Contacting exterminators a bit too late 

Most homeowners pay little attention to their homes even after seeing a couple of bugs crawling on their walls. They may get annoyed for a while, but it is only after the problems escalate.

If you are unsure whether your house is in danger because of some termites you saw, calling an exterminator can help you assess your home situation. You should know that wood-eating termites can put your home’s structural integrity at risk. When this happens, you need to fund an expensive repair. Carpenter ants also love to make their nests in woods, so make sure you watch out for them if you have a house made from wood. 

  • Checking your air conditioner and heating system

Like how homeowners only call exterminators when the problem is already huge, the same thing goes for the HVAC system. When homeowners feel that nothing is wrong with their air conditioner or heating system, they never have them checked. It is best to have a semi-annual inspection for your HVAC to avoid dealing with bigger problems later. You can focus on cooling in the spring and have the heating checked in the fall. 

If you have a pet at home, you should also consider changing your filters every month. 


If you want to keep your home in good condition for a long time, regular maintenance is necessary. Whether you are hands-on with the job or you prefer to hire a professional, make sure not to forget the five most often overlooked home maintenance works in this list. 

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